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World famous tourist attractions in Tanzania

Tanzania is the only country on the African continent  with the largest concentration of a whole diversity of wild game and with spectacular scenic natural beauty

The land of Kilimanjaro: The highest mountain in Africa, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, and one of the largest volcanoes ever to burst through the earth’s crust. With an altitude of 5.89 5 metres above sea level, a mountain base of 5 Ox 80 kms. a snow-capped Kibo peak, mount Kilimanjaro is also world-famous for its plentiful bird life, rich forest zone, a diversity of wild-game and a wide array of butterflies, moths and other insects.

The youngest to reach the peak of mount Kilimanjaro was eleven years old, the oldest, seventy four.

Home to the Ngorongoro crater – the eighth wonder of the world. The crater with an area of 25 9 sq. kms, surrounded by very steep walls rising 610 metres from the crater floor, and standing at an altitude of 2,236 metres above sea level, roam hundreds of s animals. It is a such a captivating and breathtaking phenomenon.

The land of the world-famous SERENGETI: Serengeti national park, as large as northern Ireland is undoubtedly the best known wildlife sanctuary in the world ( l4.763,sq,kms.), unequalled for its natural beauty and scientific value. About 35 species of plains animals can be observed here, including the big-five — elephant, rhino, lion (more than 2000 of them), leopard and buffalo, and large herds of wildebeest, gazelle and Zebra. Nearly 500 species of birds have been recorded in the park, some of them Eurasian migrants.

Scions game reserve (55,ooo sq kms): The largest game reserve in Africa, one of Africa greatest wilderness, where the forest and bush are untamed and the animals unmolested by man. This animal kingdom boasts of over a million wild animals including some of the biggest population of elephants in the world. Over 2000 different types of plants are believed to exist within the reserve of which several have not yet been scientifically identified. About 350 .species of birds have been recorded, coexisting with 36 species of large mammals that include the largest concentration of elephant buffalo, hippo, crocodile and wild dog in the world.

Rubondo Island national park (240sqkms): the most attractive place to visit while in Mwanza. has a variety of habitats, a diversity of hippo, crocodile, bushbuck, velvet monkeys, marsh mongooses, genets, giraffes, roan antelopes. Columbus monkeys, elephants, rhinos, chimpanzees and a bird paradise. A boat ride to Rubondo Island reveals spectacular and captivating scenic features of Lake Victoria, a colorful and exciting interaction of fishing and dhows sailing across the Lake. Its tranquil eye-catching environment, a birds paradise, and a romantic adventurous fishing resort makes Rubondo an ideal Tourist holiday resort.

Gombe National Park- The world famous chimpanzee game resort Chimpanzees are Homosapiens’ closest relations and any research on them is considered extremely important to scientists studying the origin of man and his culture. The Gombe Park has attracted thousands of tourists and scientists from all over the world, particularly Japan, America and Europe. About 1,000 Chimpanzees living in near by Mahale Camp can be observed at close quarters in their most natural environment giving chilling and exciting encounters.

The Spicy island of Zanzibar: One of the worlds most beautiful spicy Islands with magnificent romantic beaches just a s stone throw from the coastal shores of Tanzania Mainland embracing a multicultural history of The past brought in by the earliest explorers, the Samarians, Assyrians, Hindus, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Southern Arabians. Chinese and Malays. From these shores the great European explorers- Burton. Speke. Livingston, Krapf Rebrnan and Grant, set out on their voyages of discovery into the hinterland. The different races that have settled in Zanzibar over the centuries have left a lasting impact on the people of Zanzibar and their culture, as well as the architecture.